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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stop shaking the Caravan

Eat, sleep, lift her head to meow, and sleep some more.  That is how Muffy passes her day away in the caravan.  We were away for the weekend with our caravan club friends at Paekakariki, on the Kapiti Coast when the big 6.6 earthquake struck at 2.31pm on Friday afternoon.  Its centre was 10km south east of Seddon in the South Island which has been having a lot of earthquake activity lately.  But the tremors were so strong we were sure it was happening right underneath our feet.

We had just finished stocking up at the supermarket with some essential weekend supplies when things started going strange.  Pushing our trolley across the supermarket car park, tremors ran up our legs and the ground started bucking up and down.  It was such a weird feeling.   Holding on the the trolley as our legs tried hard to hold us up, we looked in wonder as the parked cars started bouncing up and down.  Wow – that was a big earthquake! The biggest one we have felt for some time. 

Back at the caravan park we experienced many aftershocks, one after the other, and our caravan shook and swayed each time.  But the myth that animals know when an earthquake is on the way is untrue, especially in Muffy’s case.  As an early warning device for incoming earthquakes, Muffy fails spectacularly.  She didn’t even lift her head to see what was going on.  Just slept blissfully through each and every one.  “Stop shaking the caravan, I’m trying to sleep”, she was probably thinking.  It’s a good life being a cat!

P8170015 Stop that shaking, I’m trying to sleep!


Vireya said...

That sounds scary! It must be nice to be a cat and be able to sleep through such things.

Nancy J said...

what a laugh, Missy, you are one cat in a million.Our Felicity leapt, raced under the table ( she has listened to all the warnings about what to do!), I sat on the floor, lights swung round for many minutes. Glad you are safe. Aftershocks must shred already frayed nerves. Greetings from Jean.p.s. apron pattern copied and in envelope ready to post.

nestki said...

I'm glad you escaped any damage and, in the aftermath, I hope that you and Robin may sleep as deeply as Muffy does.

Jenny said...

Thanks very much, everyone, for your kind comments. Muffy is indeed a very "laid back" cat, especially in the caravan - she really is very much at home there with us.