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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trying to stay Tidy

My sewing room is tidy, my sewing machine is all packed away in it’s cabinet and the room as a whole has never looked so good.  I’ve imposed a self ban on machining this week.  But why, you may well ask?  Several lots of visitors are calling in to see us and our new home this week, who have not been here before.  So I don’t really want to show them through the house and take them into a sewing room with things every which way, as they tend to be.  Just a few days more, then I can liberate my sewing machine and make as much mess as I want to.  (Yesterday’s visitors brought us two jars of home made plum jam, which is most appreciated).

So I’ve been finding things to do this week which don’t involve the sewing machine.  Recently I spent the afternoon cutting, snipping and pressing my ultra suede project together.  But I’m not 100% happy with how it all turned out so this project needs some more time spent making some adjustments.

Today, for a change, I’ve been on the computer working on my quilt documentation.  All the current finishes have been photographed, written about, printed off, and filed away in my special folder.  But I’m still working my way through the details of some older quilts.  Like my “Memories of Misty” quilt, which was made to commemorate our previous cat, Misty.  This was a friendship quilt, and I asked my overseas quilting pen friends, local quilters,  family and friends to make me a signed block or two for my quilt.  Cosy warm wool batting was used in this, and it is my quilt of choice for our bed during winter.

Memories of MistyWrapped in in my  Memories of Misty quilt

This quilt was completed back in 2001 – you could probably guess this quilt has been around for some time, by the colour of my hair in this photo!  I’m much greyer now.  Wonder if that means I’m wiser as well as older?

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That's what we call "making the house look like no one lives here"
That pussy cat quilt is fabulous. As you might guess I love anything with cats!