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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting there

I’m getting there as far as sewing goes, although I haven’t actually sat at the sewing machine yet for a wee while.  But I have done a little cutting out.  First up was some cushions, cut and pinned, all ready to go.  Then today I cut out the pieces for another table runner.  As far as I’m concerned when sewing, I like to have things all ready to go. 

DSCF6197 Pieces for my new table runner

It’s been a busy day in the kitchen too, as I’ve been boiling up some jam.  Kiwi fruit jam this time, nice and tasty with lemon juice in the mix.  Yum, that will be nice on a piece of toast for breakfast.  Then I cooked up a nice big bowl of home grown rhubarb and apples.  I just know that Robin will want to add some icecream to his stewed fruit dessert tonight.

DSCF6196 Kiwifruit jam
Maybe I will get around to doing some actual stitching tomorrow?  I hope so – there’s a big pile of UFO’s calling to me.  Plus another pair of new jeans to shorten for Robin.  Days are certainly busy when one is retired.

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