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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eagles – flying high

Tucked away in my sewing room was a piece of eagle fabric, eagles soaring against a blue sky.  I knew that Brent (son of my friend Dot) has a real affinity with the American Bald Eagle and has quite a collection of eagle related items. Perhaps he would like a pair of eagle cushions for his new home?  It didn’t take too long to stitch up a pair of simple cushion covers.
DSCF6224 Cushions, all done
Dot gave Brent his surprise gift recently when he popped up to visit his Mum.  And yes, he was thrilled with them, and he sent a photo showing them looking  good on his black leather couch.  (Just between you and me, Brent reminds me so much of my son Michael, it’s quite uncanny how similar they are).

Brent's Cushons Brent’s eagle cushions

The magnificent American Bald Eagle was adopted as the official bird emblem of the United States of America in 1782.   Chosen because of it's majestic beauty, great strength, and long life - in the wild, an eagle will live 30-35 years.  A full-grown bald eagle has a wingspan up to 7 feet. They fly up to 30 miles an hour and can dive at 100 miles an hour.  And no, Bald Eagles are not actually bald, the name derives from an older meaning of "white headed".

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