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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Treasures at the Library

August is Family History Month and the Historical Society have set up some lovely displays in my local library.   So I was delighted to come across some gorgeous vintage goodies of yesteryear.  The Crawford Family christening gown and petticoat were found in a secret drawer inside an old Scotch chest when the children were orphaned in 1908.  It is thought that the garments were hand made by the nuns and that they have possibly been shortened at some time.

DSCF6226 Crawford Family christening gown and petticoat

This display shows what every well dressed lady would wear to a night out at the opera.  With her set of opera glasses, long white gloves, a gold bracelet, a pretty shawl and a lace hanky, she was all set for a grand night out.  These items were brought to New Zealand from Australia by Amelia Wonnocatt in the early 1900s.

DSCF6228 A night at the opera

Also belonging to Amelia Wonnocott was this lovely Royal Albert tea set.  I can just imagine her presiding over the tea trolley as she served her visitors with afternoon tea.

DSCF6234 Royal Albert tea set

There was several of these beautiful little hand embroidered envelopes on display.   These were purchased by soldier Enoch Eastham while he was in France during WW1, and sent home to his wife in England.

DSCF6232Hand embroidered envelopes from France 

It was a real treat to look at these lovely treasured items at the library.  As a real book lover, I go there every week or so to get my fix of reading material. My choice today was: one royal historical novel, one about a killer virus circling the world, and two serial killer detective books.  That will keep me going for a wee while. 

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