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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shades of Green

I’m working away on my new coffee table runner, which utilises some of the left over curtain fabric.  It’s all layered and safety pinned up, and I’m doing stitch in the ditch machine quilting along the strips.  But what to do in the middle square – that is the question?  Perhaps I’ll stitch around the leaf motives, what do you clever quilters think?  I’m attending the quilt club UFO night on Friday, so I’m hoping the binding will be on so I can hand stitch it down. 
P8210040 Coffee table runner

There is a different (paler) shade of green in the bedroom, and I am really pleased with the latest addition.  Using one of our old former dining chairs, I carefully chose the one in the best condition, and I had to purchase an extra length of the bedroom curtain fabric, we took it down to the local upholsterer.  He did a really good job of recovering the chair, added some extra padding, replaced the webbing, and voila, a pretty matching chair for the corner of the bedroom.  Just the thing to sit on while putting footwear on.  And no, it’s not there to put your clothes on, I told Robin, put them away or put them in the wash.  But does he listen?

 P8150003 The new bedroom chair

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