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Monday, July 22, 2013

Taupo Symposium Exhibition

“Three Cheers” to the Symposium organising committee for deciding to reduce the entry price to the exhibition for seniors just like me.  Members of the public paid $10 entry, and $5 for children and seniors.  Many thanks, it was much appreciated.  Of course, all those ladies who were registered to attend classes had free entry to the exhibition.  I hadn’t gone very far into the hall when I came face to face to a fellow quilt blogger.  Although we looked at each other for a moment before the penny dropped.  You know what it is like, you think to yourself, “I think I recognise that person”.  So a very warm hello to Leeann from Whangarei – after reading your blog for some time and exchanging the occasional e-mail, it was so nice to meet you at last.  Do pop over and check out Leeann’s blog too.

DSCF5960 With Leeann from Whangarei

There were some amazing quilts on display, and I slowly walked around trying to take it all in.  Several quite different challenges were on show as well, so that certainly added to the interest.  Luckily, photos were allowed, so I happily snapped away.  I love big quilts, so I’ll share some which took my fancy.  Anne Yeo wanted to use this design of a repeated diamond in a square.  When she saw an arrangement of arum lilies in a church, she knew she just had to use them in her quilt.

DSCF5962 Arum Bouquets, by Anne Yeo

Just look at all those beautifully done sharp points on Circle of Friends, made by Suzet Pont.  That lovely flowing border of Flying Geese contains all those sharp pointy bits so well.  Suzet embellished her quilt with Swarovski crystals in eight colours.  

DSCF5966 Circle of Friends, by Suzet Pont

Rose of Sharon blocks enclosed in circles adorn this pretty bed quilt by Nancy Neilsen. 

DSCF6019 Floral Circles, by Nancy Neilsen

I just love Christmas quilts and there were several Christmas row by row quilts on display.  My favourite of this group was Beat those Winter Blues, by Sheila Ujdur. 

DSCF5984 Beat those Winter Blues, by Sheila Ujdur

Baltimore quilts are a real labour of love, and this one in traditional red and green caught my eye.  Isobel Hicks stitched Golden Baltimore for her parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  What a wonderful gift.

DSCF6008 Golden Baltimore, by Isobel Hicks

Last but not least was my Viewers Choice.  Or it would have been, if I’d remembered to put my slip of paper in the box before I left.  A pity, because I just might have been lucky enough to win the Daily Draw too.  Ansa  Beytenbach made the amazing Bella Rouge in memory of her Grandmother and her love of roses.  This quilt is finished with a scalloped edge made from red corded fabric, and the cut out panels also have the cord through them -  I have never seen this technique used before.   Both the appliqué and the quilting on this piece is just wonderful.


DSCF6017 Bella Rouge, by Ansa Beytenbach

Well, that’s quite enough from me for now, although  I’ve plenty more quilts to share.  Perhaps tomorrow.


Katie said...

Lovely quilts and what fun to meet Leeann! We've spent much of the past two days chatting with NZ friends and family about the earthquakes. It seems to have stopped now but they are still pretty nervous. I know I would be!

Jenny said...

Yes, meeting up with Leeann was a real bonus. Lots of lovely quilts to enjoy, I went round and round the exhibition area several times to make sure I really saw them all.
AS for the earthquakes, always a worry in New Zealand.

Joy V said...

Jenny, thank you for sharing this. Looks like a fabulous show and symposium. I know a few Scquilters who went over to see it.