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Monday, July 8, 2013

From one project to another

Not for me the commitment of sticking with one project until it’s finished.  I tend to flit from this, to that, and back again.  No wonder it takes me ages to get things done.  So far over the last few days I have cut out and stitched a Maple Leaf block using a New Zealand inspired batik.  This is for a UFO project I recently rediscovered hidden away in a plastic crate.

DSCF5837 Maple Leaf block

Then I traced off all the different parts for a pair of eagle heads – another UFO which I hope to finish soon.  Assembling all those pieces might well be a bit of a challenge.

DSCF5840 It’s slow work tracing fiddly patterns

And not forgetting the two pairs of blue jeans I shortened for Robin.  I told him he is really lucky that I look after him so well.

DSCF5825 A spot of mending

Then I helped in an advisory capacity when a few more pictures were hung on the walls.   Robin had to get his level out to make sure that things were going up straight while i called out  “Just a bit more to the left, dear”, or something similar.

DSCF5827  One lion and two elands

DSCF5830What a lovely young couple

So that’s what I have been up to  recently.  A little sewing, plenty of kitchen, cleaning and laundry duties, and entertaining a couple of lots of visitors.  How has your week been?

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Shirley said...

Robin is indeed a very lucky man. Repairs and alterations certainly don't get done in this house.