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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cut and Snip

Little things can take the longest time, can’t they?  I hadn’t done any P&Q while I was away in our caravan for the latest trek around the country.  Time to get on with it.  So I was cutting and snipping away at various pieces of ultra suede and ended up with two little bags full of pieces.  I need to keep the “A” pieces separate from the “B” pieces so I don’t get muddled up.  What do you think it is?

DSCF6176Two little packets of ultra suede

According to Mr Google "Ultrasuede" is the trade name for a synthetic microfiber fabric invented in 1970 by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist working for Toray Industries. It is often described as an artificial substitute for suede leather. The fabric is multifunctional: it can be used in fashion, interior decorating, vehicle upholstery, and handcrafts too of course.


Helen said...

Hi Jenny
Where do you purchase your ultra-suede? I hear it is great for teeny tiny appliqué.

Nancy J said...

Is it roosters, face to face??I'll copy the pattern onto paper and post this week. Cheers, Jean.

Jenny said...

Hi Helen
My ultrasuede came in a kit I purchased from overseas. Not sure where you would get it here in NZ. Perhaps you could "google"?

Jenny said...

Hi Nancy
You are very close - but will just have to wait and see till I've finished!