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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cosy Toes

It’s the middle of winter and my old slippers just weren’t keeping my tootsies warm enough.  They had soft soles and my occasional trips outside walking over a damp path to the letter box or the clothesline weren’t helping at all.  It was time to go on a slipper hunt.

I visited the local shoe shop in town and the friendly young lady helped me out.  Nothing bright or garish for me – I wanted blue.    There were several pairs available which would suit my requirements, ranging from cheap and cheerful to more expensive and well made.  In the end I decided that nothing beats quality and chose a pair of navy blue sheepskin moccasins.  Then came the surprise.  “Do you have a Gold Card?”, the young lady asked.  Of course I do, I’m a Superannuate!  That gave me 10% discount off my nice new fluffy slippers.  Now I’ll have nice warm cosy toes this winter. 

DSCF5803   Cost toes for winter

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jacaranda said...

I need a new pair also. I can't wait to get my Seniors card at the end of the year.