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Friday, July 26, 2013

Joining in the Craft Group

We are currently staying at Hastings so we can visit my sister Kathleen and her family.  She was hosting her craft group this morning, so I asked if I could come too.   This long lived craft group started way back in the 80s when they all attended Knit Wit classes.  (Who can remember them?  I was a Knit Wit sewer myself many years ago, and went to classes in the Lower Hutt franchise).    The Knit Wit shops are no more, and over the years this group has changed to a general craft group.  Sewing, knitting, patchwork, crochet, anything goes.  I won the “Lucky Draw” prize,  a pretty writing set with fancy paper and envelopes. 

The project for the month was to cover some wire coat-hangers, and those who took part brought along their finished items. Some were finished with knitted lace, while others were covered with fabric.

DSCF6134 Covered wire coat-hangers

Like craft groups everywhere, show and tell is always an interesting part of the meeting.  Kathleen had made a selection of babies bibs recently.  This pattern is a great one, with a rib neckline to slip the bib over the baby’s head.

DSCF6135 Kathleen and her bibs

Melva had been busy during the month, and brought along two pretty pastel crocheted scarves.  She had also knitted several pairs of nice cosy woollen bed socks, just the thing for these cold winter nights.

DSCF6136Melva’s knitting and crocheting

Eunice is another knitter but she didn’t have anything to show us because she had given it all away.  She does a lot of knitting for Red Cross and had already donated her work this month to this worthy cause.  Eunice is a very talented lady and also spins and weaves.
Another multi talented member of this group was Eileen.  Remember the Bananas in Pyjamas craze?  Eileen had one of these cheeky toys to show us, as well as a lovely fine crocheted table mat.

DSCF6137 Show and tell from Eileen

Pam had just returned from the Taupo Quilt Symposium where she had taken two classes.  She didn’t have any finished work to show us, but had plenty of photos on her phone which was passed around the group.  She really enjoyed the exhibition, and had a great time buying some goodies from the Merchants Mall.

I showed my Block Roll constructed with one of my special tea towels with quilty sayings which I had recently completed,  and explained how it was made.

DSCF5686 My block roll

It was so nice to join in with my sister’s craft group and meet up with her friends.  Like a lot of these meetings, no actual crafting or stitching took place, but plenty of friendly chat and banter.  Thanks so much ladies,  I had a lovely morning.

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