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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodies from Vietnam

There was a problem with logistics.  We were travelling from Levin to Taupo so I could check out  the Quilt Symposium.  Robin’s sister Kaye and was home from Vietnam for a fleeting visit, and was travelling from Taupo to Wellington the same day.  We didn’t want to miss each other, so perhaps a lunch date at Waiouru would be the best bet.  

DSCF5934  Little Sis and Big Brother

It was the middle week of the school holidays, the cafe in the Army Museum was very full, the queue at the counter was long, and the orders would take quite some time to arrive, we were told.  Never mind, that gave us plenty of time for a catch-up.  Kaye had brought over some goodies from Vietnam for us.  A beautiful silk scarf for me in blue and grey paisley, and a pretty little hand quilted purse from Mekong Creations.  This is a non profit organisation whose aim is to generate employment for women living in remote villages of Vietnam and Cambodia.  Robin’s gift was some Vietnamese  “Weasel Coffee”, plus a special little coffee filter in which to make it.

DSCF5947 Goodies from Vietnam

By the time we return home from our caravan trip, Kaye’s holiday will be over and she will be flying back to Vietnam.  So lunching at Waiouru was the only way we could meet up this trip.  After living in Vietnam for a while, Kaye had forgotten how chilly a New Zealand winter can be.   Just as well she had some winter woollies with her.

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Nancy J said...

Waiouru is a really good meeting place, hope all is Ok at your place after the quakes, enjoy Taupo. Let me know if you want to call in on your way home, I can drool over your goodies!!! Cheers from Jean. p.s. it was too late to reply, but yes, will call in if we travel south.