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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Visiting the Christmas Shop

It’s HOW many weeks till Christmas?  I know it is coming soon, because the Kirkcaldie and Stains Christmas Shop is open for business.  Those of us who live in the Wellington Region are so lucky having this to look forward to each year.  I asked at the counter if I could take a few photos.  Certainly, was the reply, it’s all good advertising.  My comment was that this wonderful shop doesn’t need extra advertising, Kirks is an institution that customers love to visit, especially the Christmas Shop.
DSCF3069 The entry to Kirks Christmas Shop

So what is new this year?  I noticed a purple tree just in the entranceway all covered in clowns.

DSCF3087 Clowns are new this year

Another tree was covered with bright funky monkeys, just hanging about.  That is what is so nice at the Christmas Shop, each tree is decorated with it’s own particular style.

DSCF3086So are Christmas monkeys

But you just can’t beat the old favourites, can you.  Like the Christmas colours of red and green, and good old Father Christmas.

DSCF3070Lots of Santas here

Or maybe a sophisticated tree decorated with white, with accents of gold and silver.  Everywhere I turned, there was yet another beautifully decorated tree, they all looked gorgeous.

DSCF3075 White and gold

DSCF3077 A whole lot village scenes

DSCF3072Just look at these cute bunnies, with an owl keeping them company

DSCF3083A family of reindeer

I really wasn’t going to buy anything, I just wanted a good look at all the wonderful decorations.  But in the end I bought a couple of “Initial” tree decorations for my grand-daughters, and a little something for MIL too.  I think I’ll need another trip in to this wonderful shop, you just can’t see it all in one visit.
DSCF3081More Santas

While I was visiting Kirks, I decided to lunch in their cafe.  (I’m turning into my Mother, she told me she always treated herself to lunch at Kirk’s when she went to “town”)  Just as well that Robin wasn’t with me, as my choice for lunch was lasagne made with pumpkin, feta cheese and spinach.  I could just imagine his reaction to that!  But it was just delicious, and I fancied trying something just a little different for a change.

Then it was time to board the Airport Flyer bus to go home.  These buses have their own on-board television screens which keep the passengers informed, such as news headlines, the week’s weather, airport arrivals and departures.  There is even a bus version of Sat Nav, to show us where we are while we travel along the road.  I really enjoyed my day out in the Big Smoke.

DSCF3090 We are “here”


Katie said...

I'm amazed at all the Christmas items in the stores already. It's too soon!

The Tramp would agree with Robin, but I think your lasagne sounds good. :-)

SoozieSuzy said...

Gosh I had no idea that their Christmas store is open already and work in one of the towers above Kirks. I still think their cafe has the best date scones, no orange rind or spices, just how they should be!