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Monday, October 15, 2012

October Stitching Monday

Doesn’t time fly – it really was a month ago when we had our previous Stitching Monday get-together.  We gathered together in the hall, and a  few of us had brought our sewing machines along.  First order of the day was to find a table that didn’t wobble.  It’s no fun going flat out on your sewing machine if your table gets the shakes! 

I spent most of the day finishing up my cream and burgundy paper pieced Log Cabin blocks.  I make these in batches of six, stitch one of the numbered logs on the paper, snip the connecting threads, trim and press, six at a time.  As I was snipping away, I snipped a gash right into my finger.  Thanks, Fay, for the plaster to stop me dripping blood on my work.  It does prove that my small scissors are sharp, doesn’t it?

DSCF3065 My log cabin blocks

Margaret laid her bright daisy blocks with blue backgrounds on the floor.  She was making another quilt to use up some of her stash, she said.  But we all know it never quite works like that.  Margaret was running short of blues for the background so had to go out and buy even more fabric.  The pattern is “Daisiez” by Jan Mullen.  There seems to be lots of stitching, slicing in half, and sewing back together involved in making these bright and cheerful blocks. 

DSCF3063-001 “Daisiez” blocks, stitched by Margaret

Black and white is always a winning combination.  Fay told me she needs to make 250 of these little curved two patch blocks for her daughter’s quilt. Don’t know quite how many she has done so far, but she has a nice big pile all completed.

DSCF3064 Fay with her Drunkard’s Path blocks

The hand workers were all sitting together as they stitched away.  Both Pamela and Maureen worked on their hexagon blocks for a while.   Then Pamela moved on to hand quilting.  She has decided to use thicker thread and quilt in the Big Stitch style on her very pretty quilt with many Japanese inspired fabrics.   Joyce was also working on a Japanese theme, and she completed the binding on two more tessellated Kimono place mats she is making for her sister.

DSCF3067 Tessellated Kimono place mats

Gaye brought along a Neo Natal quilt she had completed to show us.  This is a Christmas design, using some Laurel Birch fabric.  That will certainly brighten up the Neo Natal Ward over Christmas.

DSCF3066 Gaye’s Neo Natal crib quilt

Thanks again ladies, for your company on another Stitching Monday.  It is always good fun, stitching together, chatting, and putting the world to rights!


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...


Recently I bought a Non skid bath mat from the $2 shop. Perfect for
putting under your sewing machine when you are away from home. Stops my machine slipping and cuts down the noise.



Jenny said...

Thanks Linda, that is a good tip.