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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Life and Times of a Keen Washerwoman

I’ve got a bit of a reputation as far as laundry goes.  It’s fair to say that I quite enjoy doing the washing, pegging it out on the line in the backyard, and watch it flapping away in the gentle breeze in the sunshine.  It has to be pegged out “just so” with all the towels and tea towels together, the tee shirts in a row, and as for the socks, they really just have to be in pairs.  There is nothing nicer than a line full of freshly washed clothes, is there?  I can remember pegging out rows of white nappies every day in years gone by – although I expect not many young mothers use cloth nappies these days.

It’s sad but true, but I quite enjoy ironing too.  (Doesn’t everyone?)  My current iron and ironing board were getting a bit worse for wear so I was rather pleased to see a sale on in one of the large shops.  And what did I find but both irons and ironing boards on sale at half price.  That was too good a deal to pass up, I thought.

DSCF2893 My new iron and ironing board

Now I’m in a bit of a quandary.  Shall I start using these items now or wait until we move house – however long that should be?  Mmm, after a lot of thought I decided to leave my new ironing board still wrapped up, and the new iron safely stored in the box, and keep using my old ones for the next wee while.  That way, when we finally do move into our new house, we can dump the old stuff and I’ll have brand new appliances to use. 

I mustn’t forget to take my little wall-hanging “Washday” with us when we move.  I made this way back in 1994 and it hangs on the wall the laundry.   I remember that the class was for hand appliqué, but I didn’t want to make mine that way.  Just hope I didn’t upset the tutor too much when I returned for the second lesson with all my pieces speedily appliquéd by machine.  The little clothes were fun to make, and the quilt shop had those tiny wooden pegs for sale, to hang the clothes up on the line.

DSCF2496 “Washday”, hanging in my laundry


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Jenny

Not keen on ironing - except patchwork!
However I am a bit of a washing nut. My husband never gets tired of f telling the story about how I scooped up his clean neatly folded clothes off the foot of the bed and whisked them off to wash!
Not my fault, I say, he should have put them away.

Annette said...

I also love to see washing on the line, many years ago when camping with friends, 4 families with young children, I would sort my clothes for washing, lights/darks etc. & hang them daughters undies, sons undies, mine & DH, socks grouped together as with all clothing,well....did I get "teased" about the washing line having to be so neat, I also start on the inside of the line with the smaller items out to the larger items....also when visting rellies in Glasgow, I was told that my grandmother(who I never met) would not go for a Sunday drive just so she could wash, think I inherited something....I also do not mind ironing as I detest crumpled clothing. My story is like a book.. Take care :) Annette

Leeann said...

Not keen on ironing clothes but I do love a good iron. For me they have to be stainless steel and large. I always hang pairs of socks, and like items together. It just makes it easier to get in. The more stuff I hang carefully on the line and fold straight away, the less needs ironing :-)