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Monday, October 1, 2012

Final photos from Inspire Quilt Exhibition

Here are a few more photos from my club’s exhibition.  It’s always interesting to go and view the quilts several times, as you always see something previously missed.  Like this gorgeous little fish, stitched by first time exhibitor, Pam Ritchie.

DSCF2822 “Fish”, by Pam Ritchie

Just look what proud grandmother Clare Grant has made for Erin and Adam.  The idea behind these two bed sized quilts are the paper dolls with their wardrobe of paper clothing that were part of her childhood.  What a couple of lucky youngsters Erin and Adam are to have such a creative grandmother.
DSCF2819Paper Doll quilts, by Clare  Grant.

Linda Johnson made her beautiful quilt “Effervescence” as a 21st birthday gift for daughter Hope.  Linda is well known for her love of intricate paper piecing, and she has made a wonderful job of this quilt.  The pattern is “An unusual Lone Star”, by designer Karen Stone. 

DSCF2861 “Effervescence”, by Linda Johnson
The inspiration behind this quilt was a visit to L’Orangie Museum in Paris to view some of Claude Monet’s  paintings.  The background blocks were paper pieced over old telephone book pages, and I can remember seeing Petronella busily stitching away on these blocks at several “Stitching Monday” workdays.

DSCF2870“Memories of L’Orangie” by Petronella Lazet Polman

We’ll finish our little showing with “Spinning Kaleidoscope”, by Shirley Mooney, another first time exhibitor.  This original design was inspired by the lush New Zealand forests, and the opening fern frond (koru) represents new growth.

DSCF2872 “Spinning Kaleidoscope”, by Shirley Mooney

So that is all from my own particular quilt club’ Pinestream Quilters exhibition.  However, tomorrow I am off to the big city to view a just opened exhibition, this one put on by the Wellington Quilters Guild.  I just hope they allow photos to be taken!  Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

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