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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

It was my birthday yesterday, and yes, I know I’m a day late.  But we were away at windy Himitangi at a caravan club rally over Labour Weekend.  We had fun and laughs with our caravan buddies over the weekend, a meal out at the local pub on night, and a BBQ meal another night.  Pity about that unrelenting  wind, it was just too cold to sit outside at all, such a pity because we did have sunshine.

We visited my daughter and her family over the weekend, and I came away with an intriguing gift bag.  (Had a wee peep when I received it, then put it away till the actual birthday).  Arrived home to a mail box full of birthday cards and a couple of parcels, and a phone call from my son in Christchurch,  to wish me “Happy Birthday”. 

So, want to see what exciting goodies I received?  This selection came in the mail from my pen friends.  A fat quarter of pussy fabric from Carol in South Dakota, a pretty little “kitten” coaster from Glennis in the Cotswolds, and Janet from Cromer, UK, sent me a tea towel relating all the good things one can find in Norfolk.  (I love getting little parcels from overseas!)

DSCF3164 Goodies in the mail

My friend Shirley gave me this beautiful hand painted little box.  Isn’t it just gorgeous?  Shirley is a quilter, and an artist too.  The bird is a Stitch bird, she told me.

DSCF3165A hand painted box from Shirley

I had seen the Jane Austen book on sale, and suggested that Robin might like to get it for me for my birthday.  Have to admit that “Pride and Prejudice” is the only story I know, and I’m sure I’ll never get over Colin Firth, as the dark and brooding Mr Darcy, climbing out of the pool  dripping wet in the TV series.  (I feel a swoon coming on.)   Now I will have the pleasure of reading Jane Austen’s other novels.  The other selection of gifts came from my daughter, a pretty note pad for my hand-bag, a pot of lovely smelling body butter, and a citronella candle to keep the bugs away on summer evenings when we are away in the caravan.

DSCF3167Family gifts 

We enjoyed a very tasty birthday meal out at a new local Thai restaurant.  The food was divine, and oh so tasty.  How does this sound?   Satay Chicken Kebabs and Stuffed Mushrooms for starters, followed by Beef in Sweet Chilli Sauce, and  Crispy and BBQ Pork, both served with rice.  We just loved the food, and declared that we would certainly be back again soon.  There are no pretensions here, no wine list or fancy coffee machine hissing away in the corner, just good honest delicious food, with very reasonable prices. 

What do you think of my Birthday Hat?  This rather dashing Happy Birthday hat was sent to me by my very special friend Merilyn a couple of years ago.  It is so cute (or silly, but that’s a matter of opinion) that I decided that each birthday it should come out of hiding for a special birthday photo.  Robin had to wear in on his birthday, and this is my turn.

DSCF3159 The Happy Birthday Hat


Lis said...

Happy birthday. Looks as if a great time was had. Not too sure about the birthday hat but I'm not a hat person!!

Maria said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday...
You have received lots of lovley gifts Jenny..

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What super presents.
Trying not to drool on my key board when I read about the Thai food!



Frances Leate said...

Hope you had a great birthday and I drool over Colin Firth as Mr Darcy too! Take care.