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Friday, October 5, 2012

Call back time

I had a bit of a fright recently.  You may remember that I “fronted up”, so to speak, for my 2 yearly mammogram several weeks ago.  After being squashed  flat this way and that, I got dressed and went home, thinking that it all went well.  After all, I reasoned, if they weren’t happy with the x-rays, they wouldn’t let me go.  Two weeks after my mammogram I received a phone call – I needed to come back the very next day for an assessment.  Oh dear – as a cancer survivor I really didn’t want to hear that.  It was just the left side that needed reviewing.

So back I went for another mammogram, and I must admit that I felt a bit numb and not quite “with it” while this was going on.  Got dressed, went back out to the waiting room, and was called back some time later for an ultrasound scan.  The practitioner doing the scan was quite chirpy, and told me that she was sure there was nothing to worry about, and she couldn’t see anything untoward on the scan.  The doctors have a meeting to review all call back x-rays and scans at the end of the week, to make doubly sure, she said, and patients are informed of the results straight away.  Robin came with me for support, (in the waiting room only) which was very welcome.  I told myself I was not worried, but of course you really are, aren’t you.  Most of the other ladies in the Assessment Clinic did not have a friend or partner with them, which seemed rather sad to me. 

I’m happy to confirm that my letter arrived very promptly, to let me know there was no evidence of anything nasty found.  What a relief that was.  If anything suspicious had been found, I know from previous experience that the wheels start turning very quickly to get patients in the hospital system and under treatment.
To anyone out there going through cancer treatment at this time, my thoughts are with you.  And to everyone else, be sure to keep with with those women’s health checks.  They may be uncomfortable, but they are so necessary. 


Shirley said...

It is the same here in the UK Jenny, swift prompt action saves lives. As worrying as it is getting checked out is something not to be done later. Glad you are all clear.

Lis said...

Glad all is well Jenny, but what a worry for a while. You're right, those check ups are so important.

Frances Leate said...

Glad to hear all is clear and I know from experience how stressful the "call back" is. Our machines are digital now and we don't even have to wait to check the XRays were OK which is a big improvement on the old days. Take care.

Katie said...

That's great news! I know I heave a sigh of relief each time. It's such a worry when those around you are fighting for their lives.

Jenny and Robin said...

Thanks to all who left comments on this blog post, or contacted me personally about my recent "fright".

As any cancer survivor knows, fear of recurrence is something we live with, although we try very hard not to dwell on it. At times like this it rises to the surface of our minds again.