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Thursday, October 11, 2012

J is for Jaguar

I think I may have missed a week somewhere in my A-Z Challenge.  But never mind, I’m back on track again and the block this week is “J is for Jaguar”. 

DSCF2588 J is for Jaguar

This jaguar came to me as part of a birthday block swap several years ago, and I received all sorts of appliquéd blocks with depictions of the letter J.  In the end I didn’t make up my J birthday quilt.  So the jaguar has a new lease of life on this block of my A-Z quilt.  I carefully trimmed around just inside the satin stitching to remove the big cat from the original block, used some heat and bond to fuse him to the new background fabric, and stitched it in place.  What a fine looking jaguar he is too, the choice of fabric is wonderful, and he looks all set to pounce on his next meal.

I’m getting behind with my sewing lately, I must admit.  Things have been very busy with our house being listed for sale, lots of things to organise.  And oh…..all that sorting, clearing out, putting things in piles.  This lot to be dumped, this lot to the Op Shop, and maybe we will keep those!  I’m sure you know how it goes.  Today Robin cleared out the shelf at the top of the wardrobe and dumped it all on our bed.  Because half of it is mine to deal with, he informed me.  After almost 30 years in this house, we are getting there slowly!

DSCF3044 All this needs sorting, he said

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