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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gathering the Quilts

With our quilt exhibition coming up fast, there were a few last minute things to do.  My quilt was finished – check.  The hanging sleeve was stitched on – check.  And the label – check.  I had provided a length of timber batten to hang it on, with my name written on – check.  And last but not least, a bag (named as well) to put the rolled up quilt plus the length of timer – check.  I’m all set to deliver my entry.  I’m not saying what it is, but there is plenty of pink in it!

DSCF2676 Ready to deliver my quilt

There was a steady stream of people arriving at Pauline’s house today, all excitedly carrying a quilt or two through the door.  They all went into spare bedroom, where they were ticked off the list, numbered, and photographed.

DSCF2681 Some of the early delivered quilts

The Exhibition Committee of Joyce, Linda and Pauline have been busy for months getting all the details sorted out for the exhibition.  And they are certainly working hard today, receiving all the quilts.

DSCF2683 Joyce, Linda and Pauline

Pinestream Quilters Exhibition will be held in Expressions Gallery, Upper Hutt, from 15th September till November 4th.  Free entry, with a cafe in the building for that all important coffee and cake.  Mark the dates on your calendar and do come along if you are in the area. 

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