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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It only Hurts for a Moment

It’s that time again, time for my breast screen appointment.  The waiting room was full of patients, some were waiting to be called through, and some were waiting to be told that their x-rays were fine and they could leave.  One family came in and needed an interpreter  - this was attended to quite quickly.


My turn came and I was shown into a small changing room, told to disrobe (down to my waist) and put on the cape.  Now, what way round did she say?  I must have been nervous because I put it on back to front!  Never mind, I’m sure the nurses are used to nerves.  Then it was a matter of “stand this way, put that arm there, hold still.” Oh, the pressure, but it only hurts for a moment.  My four x-rays were quickly taken, and the practitioner had a very caring manner.  I was told to get dressed, and sit in the waiting room, to make sure the x-rays could be read correctly.  Hanging on the wall was a pretty little wall hanging I recognised from  my previous visit.  It was rather like meeting up with a friendly face again, and saying “hello”.

DSCF2725 Quilt in the waiting room

Then I was free to go home, and no doubt a full report will be sent to my doctor.  I appreciate the fact that we have a nationwide breast screening programme in place here in New Zealand.  Once you are on the register, you are called up every two years for a check up.  The minor discomfort is a small price to pay for peace of mind or early detection.  Have you had your breast screen lately?


Shirley said...

I have had encounters with my local unit as I am a person who seems to have cysts, They are expertly dealt with and quickly so anyone else out there - go and get them checked out. What a lovely restful quilt. Our unit has a basket full of knitting and while you wait you can knit a few rows of a square which then get made up into blankets.

Katie said...

Yes I have! :-)