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Friday, September 7, 2012

I feel guilty now

The “Spring Cleaning” bug has bitten me and I’ve been having a bit of a tidy up in the spare room where I keep my fabrics.  And the books, patterns, magazines and bags and bags of “stuff”.  I came across a bag of fabric that I had completely forgotten about. 

DSCF2707 A mysterious bag of long forgotten fabric

Inside were several lengths of coordinating fabrics I had purchased for a project, plus the pattern.  My mother had always loved dolphins, and I had planned to make her an undersea quilt with appliquéd grey dolphins  someday.  But I never quite got around to making it, in fact to be completely honest, I had forgotten all about buying those fabrics.  She passed away some years ago, and finding the fabrics today has given me an attack of the guilts.  I feel bad – but I think she had forgotten all about the quilt too.

DSCF2706 Under the sea fabrics

Perhaps I’ll never use these fabrics the way I originally intended.  I’ve smoothed them out, refolded them, and put them away again.  Who knows what will happen to them now?  We’ll have to wait and see.


Nancy J said...

When you make something with this fabric, your Mum's memories will be there, do not feel any guilt, we cannot do what we plan some/most/a large percent/ of the time we have in our days.Your love shows in your words. Greetings from Jean.

NickiJ said...

Your comments made me think about the quilts I am making for my mum and about all the ones I won't get to make after she leaves me. It made me sad to think you never got to make that quilt for your mum. In time you will find ways to create something wonderful out of the beautiful fabrics you have, whether it be in five weeks or five years. Thank you for sharing a simple but touching find from your treasures.