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Monday, September 24, 2012

More Exhibition Quilts

Our club is very fortunate to have our exhibition at hanging at our wonderful local gallery  “Expressions” for three weeks.  As promised, here are a few more quilts which I particularly liked.  June Bruce stitched this lovely wall-hanging in honour of the tuis which frequent her garden, and sip nectar from the kowhai blossoms.  The appliquéd tui and kowhai is set off by the intricate paper pieced inner border, and the whole piece is beautifully “freehand” machine quilted. 

DSCF2807 “There is a Tui in my Garden”, by June Bruce

It’s easy to see there is a Scottish connection with this quilt, “My Wee Piece of Scotland”, by Fay McGregor.  The quilt was inspired by a piece of tartan Fay’s son Liam purchased in Edinburgh while there on holiday, which brought back memories of the time the family lived in Scotland.  Liam was presented with this quilt on his 21st Birthday, and the quilt won a Merit Award in the show.  No wonder I love it, I’ve got some Scots blood running through my veins too.

DSCF2809 “My Wee Piece of Scotland”, by Fay McGregor

This is the second quilt exhibited by June Bruce at the show, “Amazing Grace”, which is a stitched from a McKenna Ryan pattern using Hoffman fabrics.  The soft colours and the inspirational words of Faith, Hope and Love reminds us to make the most of each minute, June says.
DSCF2813 “Amazing Grace”, by June Bruce

Not one to waste a minute in her busy day, Jeanette Orr stitched the majority of the appliqué while travelling on public transport.  Her aim was to complete four leaves or two circles, depending on the hold-up in the traffic.  Jeannette won an award for “Best First Time Exhibitor”, for her lovely quilt.

DSCF2815 “Public Transport”, by Jeannette Orr

Jeannette Lazet stitched “A Budding Legacy” to honour the influence of her (quilter) mother who encouraged her in the quilting arts.  Jeannette’s artist’s statement  says, “this is a gift for my mother, the floral fabric symbolizes the richness of her knowledge, and the purple, her wisdom”.  What a wonderful gift from a daughter to her Mum.  Jeannette won a Merit Award for her quilt.

DSCF2817 “A Budding Legacy”, by Jeannette Lazet

I have visited the exhibition twice so far, and I plan to go back again for another good look around.  With so many lovely quilts on display, there is always something new to discover.  More photos to follow.

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Thanks for sharing these quilts with us. I am always interested in how other clubs display their quilts.