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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shirley is a quilter too

It’s great meeting up with old friends, sharing a meal, and catching up with everyone’s news.  Shirley and Lewis were the hosts, inviting us to their home for a tasty home cooked meal, and Robyn and Barrie joined us too.  We three “girls” are all quilters, and Shirley had several quilts hanging up.  Out came my camera to share some of her work with you all.  

Shirley had done a great job with the gorgeous appliqué blocks on her “Mom and Me” quilt, and is now working on the machine quilting.  This was a “block of the month” from Grandmother’s Garden shop and is certainly a delightful looking quilt.  When completed, it will be sent on it’s way to a very lucky grand-child.

DSCF2741“Mom and Me” appliqué quit

Hanging in the lounge was a little wall-hanging with a distinctly New Zealand flavour.  A beach scene with a Nikau Palm and looking across to rolling hills, this could be anywhere along the coast.  This quilt was made in a class run by the very talented Chris Kenna. 

DSCF2740 Nikau Palm

This bright and cheerful cat quilt hangs in the hallway.  There are all sorts of different pieced and appliquéd cats here, and the quilt is bordered in a bright cat print.

DSCF2742 Cat quilt

“Rainy Day” looks like a typical wet and windy winter’s day in Wellington.  Wellington is often called “Windy Wellington” and during my many years of working in the big city, I gave up on umbrellas.  It was just not worth the bother!

DSCF2743“Rainy Day”

Shirley’s African Lady was made at another class, and is very heavily machine quilted, giving it lovely texture.  “Don’t take me in the photo”, she said.  Too late, Shirley, it’s taken.

DSCF2745 Shirley and her African Lady quilt

As well as quilting, Shirley is a very accomplished painter, and decorates plates, boxes, trays as well as making cute little painted Christmas ornaments.  Her husband Lewis does wood turning, and some of their pieces are displayed in this cabinet.

DSCF2744 Items all made by Shirley and Lewis

It was a lovely day out, sharing news, chatting and laughing together - we always have plenty to say.  Thanks to Shirley for sharing a few quilts with me.  I’m sure she has many more tucked away too, like all quilters do.

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Katie said...

The African Lady is especailly stunning!