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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Continuing Saga of my Wellies

It was Robin’s job as “man of the house and eradicator of nasties” to retrieve my gumboots from the garage.  Large spiders and wetas hiding inside said gumboots do not frighten him one bit.  He turned each one upside down, ready to step on anything nasty which might have been hiding inside.  Thank goodness for my nerves, nothing came out to race around the deck!

DSCF2541 He’s not afraid of spiders

I gave my gumboots a good wash in the laundry tub, and put them out to dry in the sunshine.  Now, how can I keep them free of creepy crawlies?  I know, I’ll make a bag!  As any stitcher knows, there is always sure to be some fabric or other just lying around waiting to be used.  A piece of blue homespun will do the trick, I decided.  In no time at all I had made a very basic draw string bag.

DSCF2593 It’s not elegant, but it will do the job

Robin was aghast.  “Only a townie would make a bag for a pair of gum boots”, he commented.  Well, I am a townie, one who is scared of whatever might be hiding in the toes of my gumboots.  I only wear them once or twice over winter, so there is plenty of time in the rest of the year for creepy crawlies to settle in and make themselves at home.  


Nancy J said...

Lovely bag Jenny. And as I am definitely in the market for new gumboots, might have to make a bag to match. Yes, we all need a brave man to come to the job when crawlies, mice and spiders lurk. Cheers from Jean.

loulee said...

Having once come face to toe with a spider that was in my boots, I know exactly how you feel!!

Jenny said...

Thanks girls, men don't seem to understand our fear, do they?