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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stonestead Stitchers today

The weeks roll by and today was the two weekly get together of the Stonestead Stitchers.  I had missed the previous one as last time we were away in the caravan visiting my sister’s family in Hastings.  There was a good turn out, and the morning passed quickly with lots of chatter.  One or two of the talkers looked at their watches to check the time, and wonder where the morning had gone to, as they hadn’t yet  done a single stitch! 

Several of the ladies brought “Show and Tell”, with Cheryl taking the prize once again, for the most finished items.  She had help to hold up her “Scrawny Tawny Lion” quilt, which just needs the binding stitched down.

DSCF2361 Tawny Scrawny Lion storybook quilt

Cheryl had made a couple of little gift bags to go with her lion quilt.  One of the bag is full of happy little knitted finger puppets, and the other bag contains the story book.  These will be put away in Cheryl’s Granny Box for the future, I’m sure.


Cheryl and Caroline had been very busy making a whole lot of Stable Bags with a Kiwiana flavour for gifts.  These two by Cheryl feature our native Saddleback birds on the right, and a lovely Maori inspired batik on the left.

DSCF2358 Cheryl’s two Stable Bags

Caroline is off and away on an overseas trip and taking her bags with her as gifts.  I’m sure they will be much appreciated – there is a lot of work in making these great bags.  The fabric choices are pukekos, kiwifruit, sheep and buzzy bees.

DSCF2351 Caroline’s bags

Liz was working on an Ehrman tapestry in a rich paisley design called Indian Garden.  This really belongs to younger sister Bridget but she is giving her a helping hand, she told me.  Ooops Liz, don’t swallow that needle you’re holding in your mouth!

DSCF2356 Liz with the Indian Garden tapestry

Bridget meanwhile was working on some very pretty stitcheries from Chickadee Hollow Designs.  They are beautifully stitched and will be framed when completed.

DSCF2357 Chickadee Hollow stitcheries
Some little boy will love to get the helicopter Longstitch picture that Therese was working on.  She’s not sure who it is for at this stage, perhaps she can start a granny box too.

DSCF2352 Longstitch design

And what was I working on?  A “Secret Squirrel” present for someone or other that I can’t show just yet.  Never mind, I’ll just keep stitching away.

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Shirley said...

Lots of lovely stitching there.