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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where’s my Wellies?

We have just spent five days at my daughter’s small-holding in Kiwitea.  The trip up was to help son-in-law Robert with his 50th Birthday celebrations.  These went well, I’m pleased to say.  But we can’t say that about the weather, it rained, and rained some more, and our caravan was parked in a sea of mud.  There was mud everywhere,  with the squelchy stuff oozing up through our rubber mats laid outside on the wet ground.  And of course some of the mud was getting inside too, but hopefully staying on the old washable mat which we keep just inside the door.  My white leather sneakers shout that I’m a townie loud and clear!  It was so muddy that Robin had to buy a pair of gum boots (known as wellies for those in the Northern Hemisphere).  Young Bounce the pup decided that these were a new toy just for him and took off with the mud covered gum boots while Robin wasn’t looking!

DSCF2424 Bounce the pup – gum boot thief

I’ve got a pair of gum boots tucked away in the garage somewhere, so I didn’t need to buy a new pair.  I’ll send Robin out to find them, because after all this time they are sure to have some creepy crawlies making a cosy home for themselves inside the toes of my gummies.  No way am I going to turn my gum boots up side down, give them a good shake, and see what comes falling out.  It might be a huge weta, or a big black spider!  That’s definitely going to be a job for the man of the house.  Once they are cleared of any live stock, I’m make sure they are safely stowed away on the caravan for next time we get stuck in the mud.

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Katie said...

Ah yes. Liam has introduced me to gum boots. Lots of agriculture around here so they aren't too hard to find. Mine have been out on the back porch for most of the summer and I know I won't be wearing them until I thoroughly vacuum them out down to the toes! :-)