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Friday, August 17, 2012

Daisies for my Daughter

I’m trying hard to get my quilt documentation up to date, but it’s a long slow job as I’ve been quilting for quite some time.  My current “finishes” over the last couple of years have been documented, and now I’m working my way through some of my older quilts, especially the ones given away.  Over the years I have taken photos of quilts I’ve made, and kept swatches of fabric.  One thing I didn’t always take care to record was the measurements, and several phone calls have been made to family members asking “What did I name your quilt, and will you please measure it for me”

One such quilt, size unknown, was the one I made for my daughter for her 40th birthday.  As it happens, we are spending the weekend at their small-holding for a few days to help son-in-law Robert celebrate his 50th birthday.  I was all set to write about Nicky’s quilt last week when I discovered I hadn’t noted the size – silly me.  Never mind, it’s a good thing I came armed with my tape-measure so that oversight was soon put right.

Nicky's 40th Birthday quilt 2 “Daisies for my Daughter”

I made the quilt with appliquéd blue daisies with a yellow centre on a white background, with alternate squares of a blue, white and yellow daisy print.  Smaller flowers have been appliquéd around the plain blue border.  This quilt is still on my daughter’s bed and has been well used and laundered.  Believe it or not, I stitched another quilt for her 25th Anniversary a couple of years ago, but grand-daughter Megan has claimed it.  Perhaps the time is well overdue for yet another quilt?


Frances Leate said...

This is a lovely quilt Jenny and I am so pleased to read that it is used and loved. Take care.

Maria said...

What a beautiful quilt... I am sure your DD will love it.

Jenny said...

Thanks Maria, the quilt has been on my daughter's bed for many years now and is well used.

Jenny said...

Hi Frances, thanks for your comment. It is so nice when one of your creations is used so much it gets well worn! Then we can make another.

Olivia john said...

Beautiful quilting.You daughter is lucky :)
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