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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Haste, less speed

I really should know better.  I’ve been cooking up a batch of kiwifruit jam this morning, and I’ve made it many times before.  Into the preserving pan went the fruit, which is then squashed down with a potatoe masher.  But did I bother to read the recipe properly?  No, I thought I knew exactly what to do. In went the sugar, then the lemon juice, all carefully measured.  Then I re-read the recipe to see how long the mixture should bubble away for in the pan.

Ooops – I should have cooked the fruit before adding the sugar.  Oh dear, it’s too late now.  So I just stirred it all together and hoped for the best.  Luckily my jam turned out well.  It’s all bottled and labelled.  But the kitchen bench looks a bit like a bomb site.  Never mind, I’ve always said I’m a messy cook! That’s why I need to wear an apron.

DSCF2314 Kiwifruit jam

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