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Monday, July 2, 2012

A – Z Challenge

Some months ago I read about an A-Z Challenge happening on several caravan blogs, and the idea has been simmering away in my mind.  So I have decided that this could well be the boost I need and I am having my own little challenge - all by myself.  It’s time to get started on my A-Z animal quilt, after collecting a whole lot of animal fabrics, and the plan is to stitch one block a week.  And talk about it when it is done, of course.

DSCF1986 All ready for my A-Z challenge

Does anyone else care to join me in their own challenge?  The original idea had people writing blog posts and I certainly could see that happening with someone clever writing about quilting tips and techniques, such as A is for Appliqué, B is for Binding.  Or maybe someone has always wanted to do an appliqué flower quilt, wouldn’t that be pretty with A for Anemone finishing with Z for Zinnia.  Or do a whole heap of pieced blocks, from Aunt Addie’s Album to Yankee Puzzle – sadly no block starting with Z in my book, but there is sure to be one somewhere.  Do let me know what you think, otherwise I am quite happy to potter about in my own little challenge.

Do check back later to see what animal will be on my first block.  I may well need a little cyber space help as time goes on, as I do not have an appropriate animal for every letter of the alphabet yet.  Some letters are proving rather difficult.  But it should be fun, and after all, what’s one more UFO to a dedicated quilter?

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Katie said...

Sounds like fun, but I'm challenging myself not to start anything new. Not that I'm succeeding! :-)