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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I feel like Knitting

Guess it’s a combination of sitting in the passenger seat of the car lately for hours on end over the last few days, and the winter weather, but I really feel like getting the knitting needles out.  I rather like knitting in the car.  Especially as I’m not now required to do any navigating.  I have been replaced with one of these new fangled Sat Navs, purchased recently on our South Island Odyssey trip.  Ours is a Garmin, and it calls out loudly when Robin deviates from the straight and narrow.  “Recalculating, recalculating”, the voice calls out, then tells us to “Do a U turn”.  Robin declares that his Garmin is the “best thing since sliced bread”, and my answer to that is “what’s wrong with looking at the map?” So you can tell which of us gets on well with new technology.

DSCF9527 Robin’s new toy

Now, what about that knitting project?  I pulled out the box of knitting wool hidden away in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom.  Then had a rummage through my old knitting patterns.  That one will do, it’s a little toddlers jumper that I remember knitting umpteen years ago when my son Michael was a youngster.  According to my calculations, I should have enough dark blue wool to complete it.

DSCF2128 I’m all set to start knitting

Tucked away in my box of wool is enough yarn to make three adult’s jerseys, the pretty blue mohair will be knitted up for me, someday.  I’m quite a slow knitter, so I guess I won’t need to buy any more yarn for quite some time.  But first, I really must finish sewing up a child’s hooded jumper I started last year out of my left over wool.  Then I can put it away in my “Baby Box” ready for a  new arrival sometime in the future.

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Nancy J said...

Yes, Hugh also has a Garmin, and it also tells him to do U turns, "when possibe" but the ease of driving in Auckland or Wgn makes it all worthwhile.Knitting is so good in the winter,I tend to do scarves or small items these days. Cheers from Jean