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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New home for Music Quilt

Some years ago I made “There's Music in the Stars” for my son’s 40th birthday.  My son’s line of work was writing about hi-fi and music so I made him a quilt with a musical theme.  With stars in graduated orange and yellow, and alternative blocks made from a black and white musical print, it was quite a graphic quilt, I thought.  I took  the quilt to be commercially quilted, and it was very nicely done  with musical notes quilted in the stars and borders.  Michael never used the quilt and when he shifted house he told me he didn’t want it.  Having visions of the quilt ending up in the tip, I asked him to send it home to me. 

DSCF2502The quilt sent back to me

The quilt spent the next couple of years folded up out of sight on my quilt rack while I pondered what to do with it.  I didn’t want to use it myself as the colours didn’t really suit our bedroom.  Perhaps I would offer it to my 17 great nephew?  Young lads usually like music and  anything black, I reasoned.  We travelled up to Hastings to catch up with this side of the family.  Success – yes he likes it!  This one is certainly more grown up than the train quilt I made him some years ago.

DSCF2253 Adam with his new quilt

Planning ahead, I had brought up the makings for a new label, which I quickly finished off and stitched beside the original one.  There, that keeps the quilt history intact.

DSCF2254 This is a “two label” quilt

That’s a worry off my mind – I didn’t want to sell the quilt so I am really pleased it now has a new home.  Even better that it is with a family member.

DSCF2503   “There's music in the stars”


Frances Leate said...

This is a great quilt Jenny and I am so pleased you have found a good home for it. Giving quilts can sometimes have problems. Take care.

Lis said...

I am so glad Adam loves the quilt, reading how your son didn't want it made me so sad.