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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Help with the Knitting

Muffy is quite relaxed with car travels these days, and doesn’t make a sound.  Not like the early days when she would look out the windows and cry because she couldn’t understand why all the sights were flashing quickly by.  More often than not, she passes the time in the car snoozing on my lap.  She is still safely attached to the seat belt so that she can not crash against the window if we have to stop suddenly.     I wondered if she would stay quiet if I got my knitting needles clacking?   It didn’t bother her in the least, so I could do a little knitting with her snuggled up on my lap. 

DSCF2260 Front seat passengers

We are on our way home (with the caravan) after three nights staying  in the Hawke’s Bay area to catch up with my sister and her family.  Unfortunately, it all didn’t go to plan.  Kathleen phoned up to advise us not to come visiting  as two family members were quite unwell and she didn’t know if it was anything contagious.  Then sadly her husband was taken to hospital in the middle of the night, and finally admitted to a ward after several hours.  He will be there for a few more days, I understand.  I am pleased that we managed to spend a little time  together, with all this going on.

 DSCF2257 My sister Kathleen.  Do we look alike?


Nancy J said...

You are lucky with Muffy, our cats hate the car, the cat cage, and all travel now, When younger, Felicity was fine, but not so now. I do hope b-in-l recovers soon, Kathllen would be glad of even a short visit.Cheers from Jean

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Yes, you sure do look alike.
Isn't Muffy so cute. My cats don't do cars. When we moved here from Thames Kaiser howled non stop until we got to Wairakei!

Lis said...

Hope they recover soon. Wow, multitasking - knitting, cat sitting and presumably nativigating and giving general instructions too!! My last few comments have been bounced back - I was so glad your musical quilt has a new home - hope this comment arrives....