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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What’s in a Name?

Recently some of the blogs I follow have been telling the story behind their choice of blog name.  Perhaps you might be interested in the background behind Romany Quilting?  So here is my little story to add to the others.
It all began when we started our Travel Blog.  With an exciting 10 week trip planned to the UK in 2008, we decided to start a blog so that we could record our adventures.  The name we chose was Romany Rambler, because I had discovered that way back in my family I had a gypsy connection.  My great, great, great grandfather Robert Beresford was of gypsy descent, and I can just imagine this darkly dashing young man sweeping a young lady off her feet.  Oh, the romance of it all, but I do wonder what my great, great, great grandmother’s family made of his marriage proposal.  Perhaps my (rather watered down by now) gypsy blood explains why we have a caravan, and why I love to travel.  But I didn’t inherit those dark flashing eyes, or a head of long lustrous black curls either. 
As much as I enjoy working on our travel blog, I really wanted to write about quilting too, and didn’t feel it was appropriate to include my stitching stories in the original blog.  So Romany Quilting was born – still using the gypsy connection in the name. 
We have been travelling in the caravan this last week, and I spent a little time on my stitcheries in the evenings.  Happily I can say that I have now completed all my “Under the Sea’” blocks, finishing off .the Sea Snake and the Seahorse  blocks.  Of course the next job will be to trim the blocks and sew them all together. 
DSCF7755 Final two blocks completed
If you would like to read about our travel adventures over the last week, please go to www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com.  We travelled over 1200kms to Hamilton and back and saw some glorious scenery.  Sadly I didn’t stop at a single quilt shop – that wasn’t very good planning, was it?


Katie said...

Very interesting! :-)

Linda said...

How nice to see you've completed your Under the Sea blocks. I'll be interested to see how you finish yours. Your trip photos are interesting. Continue to have a good time.