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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinestream Quilters October Club Night

Seating seemed to be at a premium on our October club night, but we all managed to find somewhere to sit on this, our second to last meeting of the year.  Our speaker for the evening was one of the owners (sorry, but didn’t catch her name) from Creative Craft Supplies from Johnsonville, Wellington.  She brought along a selection of products for those with an arty streak, telling us that a lot of what they sell are for those interested in “burning, slashing, dyeing, gluing and painting”.  I can’t be trusted with those messy applications as I would be sure to get the glue, paint and dye all over me instead of what I was working on.  The company also sells quite a range of machine and hand embroidery threads, and did a roaring trade at the end of the meeting.
DSCF7826 Members looking at the goodies
“Show and Tell” was the highlight of the evening, and as always, very inspiring.  Both Silvia and Maureen brought along some little Neo Natal baby quilts to be donated to Hutt Hospital.  These two ladies both work very hard on this project, and are to be commended for their generosity.  Another finish for Silvia was her Susan Claire designed appliquéd child’s quilt.  Isn’t it just wonderful?  Several other club members are also doing this pattern so no doubt we will see them all in the future as they are completed.
DSCF7827 Silvia’s appliqué quilt
Our club President Brenda brought along her version of the ever popular “Disappearing Nine Patch”.  This version used black and coloured fabrics, and is machine quilted.
DSCF7830 Brenda’s Disappearing Nine Patch quilt
Here in New Zealand we don’t usually make a big deal of Halloween.  But after living for several years in USA Clare is hooked on Halloween and brought along a couple of items she had made to show us.  This is her version of a Baltimore, and she calls it her Halloween Baltimore.  I can see bats, witches, owls and black cats in here.
DSCF7824 Halloween Baltimore quilt
I thought this was a little purse, but Clare explained that she hangs it over the front door handle, and has made other seasonal door decorations too.
DSCF7829Halloween door hanger
A group of friends who meet weekly all took part in a challenge recently and were given a piece of purple batik to use in their creation.  All the ideas were quite different, and I loved what Janet had made -  this gorgeous little wall-hanging featuring a beautiful singing bird.
DSCF7825 Janet’s challenge entry
We know Christmas is coming up with a rush, but Sandy was the only member to bring a Christmas quilt along to Show and Tell.  Perhaps there will be more at the next meeting?  Sandy used a nice selection of Christmas fabrics, and the striped border and binding look great.
DSCF7828 Sandy’s Christmas quilt
Another good meeting, with plenty of quilts to look at, many more than I have photographed.  It was great to catch up with fellow blogger Julz again, who is planning to join Pinestream Quilters. And as for the supper, just yummy.  Hopefully the ladies who brought along the microwave Brownies, and that delicious Lemon Cake will send their recipes onto the Newsletter Editor so we can all try them at home?


Linda said...

That Halloween Baltimore quilt is very interesting. I very much DISlike Halloween, and would agree with your quilter-friend that here in the US it's celebrated... way too much! This year we have decide to "play dead" and will darken our house and not answer the door for the several hours that the kids are trick or treating. I would definitely prefer not to "make a big deal" out of Halloween, just as you do in NZ.

Jenny said...

Yes Linda, we tend to do the same and pretend we are not at home too! I feel a bit mean, but then, children shouldn't be knocking on strangers doors, should they?

ButtonMad said...

Some great work here...lovely quilts. We also don't traditionally do much for Halloween in South Africa...I guess all the high walls and electric fences aren't really welcoming! A real shame...