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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

I celebrated my birthday last weekend while away at a caravan rally.  It was the Wellington Caravan Club’s 60th Birthday Rally, so it was a rather busy weekend with all sorts of things going on.  In fact, there were two birthday girls at the rally, and the MC called us both up to the front of the hall while everyone sang Happy Birthday to us.  We joined in the singing too – after all, you have to celebrate your special day, don’t you?
PA220390 All singing along
Some exciting looking parcels had arrived in the post during the week, so I packed them in the caravan to open on Sunday.  It’s always fun getting parcels.  Want to have a peek at what I got?  First up was a lovely new diary for next year, and a tube of hand and nail cream from my good friend Merilyn, in Dunedin.  With aloe vera, plus vitamins A, B, and E in the mix, the hand cream is sure to work wonders for my washer woman hands.
DSCF7822 New diary and hand cream
Two parcels arrived from England, from my quilting pen friends.   Glennis sent me a fat quarter of Easter Egg fabric, plus a packet of note-cards showing scenes from the Cotswolds, the lovely picturesque part of the country where Glennis lives.  And my pen friend Janet sent me a silk scarf in lovely shades of pink and lilac, with a cute little hardanger piece to hang up somewhere – on the Christmas Tree perhaps.
DSCF7821 Received from England
My daughter Nicky sent me a bright and pretty tea-towel featuring New Zealand native flowers, together with a Penguin book,  Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D H Lawrence.  Allen Lane started Penguin Books back in 1935, when he despaired of finding a good book to read on his railway journey.  The aim of the company was to produce a range of intelligent books for the public, at a low price. Penguin Books were prosecuted under the Obscene  Publication Act at the Old Bailey in 1960 for publishing this book.  The jurors returned a Not Guilty verdict, making D H Lawrence’s last novel available for the first time to the public in UK.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading this classic story – no doubt a little tame by today’s standards.
DSCF7820 From my daughter Nicky
Amongst my cards was one containing this poem by Emily Matthews which certainly reflects my stage of life.
What we value most in life, the years may change somehow
What once seemed so important, may not matter to us now
For over time we learn and grow, and find, as we’ve matured
The things that mean the most to us, are those that have endured
With two more parcels winging their way from overseas, my birthday is not over yet.  Lucky me!


loulee said...

Happy Birthday to you. Love that poem, so true.

June said...

Many Happy Returns of the day, Jenny. I have been following and enjoying your travels - back just in time for the club meeting!

Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jenny. Looks like you had a great time and received some lovely gifts too and with more on the way. Great!!

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday, Jenny! That number 60 is a momentus occasion, isn't it? I'm not far behind you! Your poem perfectly spells out growing older. Continue to enjoy your life and appreciate your friends, as I am sure you do.

Jenny said...

Just to set the record straight, it was not number 60 this year (long gone) but in fact 66. It is hard to believe that I finally finished work 12 months ago - where has this year gone? Keeping busy, lots of sewing, and trips away in the caravan, that's where!

Rayna said...

Happy birthday Jenny. Hope you had a great day. Rayna