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Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy to Help

Dot’s quilt has been in the UK for the last five years or so, covering the bed on their boat “Narrowboat Gypsy Rover”.  After selling Gypsy Rover the boat, Dot and Derek now travel around in Gypsy Rover the motor-home, and they have recently returned home to New Zealand.  After all that time travelling, the quilt was getting rather grubby.  “Give it to me”, I offered, “and I’ll wash it for you”.  After all, I am a quilter, and used to carefully laundering such a prized possession.  On a recent perfect sunny day, with a little breeze,  I soon had that quilt washed and hanging up to dry.  There is nothing like a bit of sunshine to make the laundry smell nice and clean.
I remember when Dot wanted to make a quilt to take away on their narrowboat adventure.  Dot and Derek had rather liked the quilt I made for the bed in our caravan, and thought that one of their own would be nice.  “I’ll help you make a quilt”, I told Dot, “it will be fun”.  First of all, she had to choose a pattern, nothing too complicated for a first quilt.  Dot chose a simple block with cornerstones, put together with a plain alternate block, an adaptation of “Daisies won’t Tell”  from my book “"Triangle Free Quilts”, by Judy Hopkins.  Then it was time for fabric shopping – and the chosen palette was burgundy and cream.  We found a lovely burgundy batik, and a lighter Fossil Fern to go with it, with a darker burgundy print for the sashing. 
As I had all the necessary tools of rotary cutter, ruler and board, I took over the job of cutting all the fabric.  The pieces were pinned together, and I showed Dot how to assemble the blocks.  She didn’t want any help with the sewing, as she was determined to do all the sewing herself.  As each block was stitched, then pressed, they were laid out in rows, and the rows then stitched together.  The triangle borders were easily put together using half square triangles.  In no time at all, the top was done.  On my suggestion, it was commercially quilted, in a nice all-over design.  Then I showed Dot how to attach the binding, and once again, she was keen to do every stitch herself.  A first quilt is a big learning curve, and she did a wonderful job.
DSCF7528 Dot’s quilt, all freshly laundered
“You must have a label”, I told her, “so how about a photo label?”   Perhaps she will need to add a second photo label as they now have a motor home?
DSCF7522 Photo label
Dot and Derek are sure to have all sorts of exciting travel adventures now they are back in New Zealand – there are roads to travel, places to explore, and sights to see.  And their nice clean quilt can grace the bed again.  It was no trouble at all - I was just happy to help!

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