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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stonestead Stitchers meet again

Our happy group met up again for the fortnightly stitching group.  Some ladies make it each time, and others come as time and circumstances allow.  No matter, whoever is there makes for a happy group, full of chat and helpful advice.  Some ladies had long term projects on the go.  Mary was working away hand quilting her Christmas Welcome Banner, and Carol was stitching down the last few felt leaves on her little wall-hanging.  Dorothy decided to alter some of her Grandmother’s Flower Garden hexagons to add a contrasting hexie in the centre of each flower.  It was quite a bit of extra work to deconstruct the flower and change the centre, but she is really pleased with the finished result.
DSCF7779 Dorothy’s Flower blocks
Ruth had something new to show us – she had recently attended a class on transfer dyeing ran by the local Embroiders Guild.  The design was transferred onto nylon fabric, and she is hand stitching around each design.  The embroidery will then have a border added and will end up as a cushion when the stitching is completed.  The colours are so fresh and pretty and we all look forward to seeing the completed project.
DSCF7777 Made in a class on transfer dyeing
Vicki-Ann was getting ready for Christmas cooking with her newly completed Christmas oven mitt all ready to help her take the turkey out of the hot oven.  It is made with a cheery Christmas print, and finished off with lime green satin bias binding.
DSCF7781 Vicki-Ann getting ready for Christmas
It was just a matter of stitching down the binding on a lovely bright kiddie’s quilt which Cheryl had brought along, and it was all done.  This fabric was sourced from a “specials” bin in the local curtain shop, so it was a very economical project indeed.  There are no immediate plans yet for this quilt, and it will get put away for sometime in the future.  It is such a bright and happy quilt that whoever gets it will be sure to love it.  Cheryl was making a matching changing mat too.
DSCF7780 Cheryl’s cot quilt
At our last get-together Cheryl had showed us the top she and her SIL were making for a family wedding.  It has now been commercially quilted in an over-all pattern, the binding is stitched down, and the label added to the back.  “Mystic Magic” is all ready to be presented at the forthcoming wedding.
DSCF7778 Cheryl with Mystic Magic
I didn’t have a great deal to show for my morning’s work, certainly nothing worthy of a photo.  I pinned down a quilt binding and started sewing it down, then some unpicking with my trusty “Quick Unpick”.  Where would we be without these handy little gadgets, I wonder?  Thanks for your company, ladies, it is always nice to sit and sew with you.

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Maria said...

Thank you Jenny for taking me along to your sewing group. Lots of wnderful projects.
Oh I would hate yo have to undo my hexie.:(