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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A good day for sewing

What’s happened to the weather?  It’s wet, misty around the hills, and quite cool.  Too wet to be outside, but just perfect for a couple of hours at the sewing machine.  I’ve been busy cutting strips from my New Zealand designed fabrics and stitching them together with some pale green homespun.  I’m turning them into Rail Fence blocks and I stitched the last of them today.  I’m planning ahead, and these blocks will be coming down south with us next February when we undertake our “South Island Odyssey Trip”.  The plan is to use these blocks as a trip record.  The pale green strips will be ideal to write the name of places we stay, sights we see, and maybe, the names of any friendly South Island quilters who I come across.
DSCF7601 Rail Fence blocks all done
“But what about”, I hear my conscience reminding me most accusingly, “the blocks for the signature quilt you took to England in 2008?  You haven’t even finished that yet!”  That’s true, I haven’t, and I took a whole pile of half square triangles around with me as we travelled from B&B, to churches and cathedrals, on planes, boats and trains, even Buckingham Palace, getting people to sign them for me.  In my defence, I have made a start on this quilt, and stitched a couple of sections together.  Perhaps I should make it my next project to finish?  But then again, I’ve got lots of UFOs, so just which one shall I chose next?  Procrastination – it’s the story of my life!
DSCF3466 UFO Signature Quilt made from blocks taken on our UK trip

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