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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Plethora of Pincushions

On Sunday evening my Friendship Group gathered for the last meeting of the year, our Christmas meeting.  The excitement was high as we all climbed the stairs, laden down with our stitching and yummy goodies for our Christmas supper.  We brought along a Christmas gift to go into the basket and our pincushion swap.  The name of the recipient had been drawn out previously, so we knew who we were making our pincushion for.  Some of us had worried long and hard about this project, me included.  I had looked through magazines, done a Google search, considered and rejected so many ideas before I finally made up my mind.  Who would have thought that making such a small item would be so hard?  But then again – procrastination is my middle name.  Or should be, if I had a middle name!  The presentations were made and everyone was delighted with their gift.  There was such a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and every pincushion was different.  Not surprising really, as they were each made with a special person in mind.
DSCF4886 Pincushions for all
This simple 4 patch pincushion was embellished with a little appliquéd angel.  This thoughtful touch suited the recipient, who has had health issues over the last year, and thankfully is now so much better.  She was delighted to receive her pincushion with the guardian angel looking over her. 
DSCF4887 Guardian Angel pincushion
These three were all quite different.  The gorgeous lady was presented to me – she’s voluptuous, I was told, just like me!  The tiny pink one in front is in the shape of a cup cake, especially fitting as the new owner is a marvellous cook who often brings her home baking to our meetings.  The third pincushion is made from felt and those scalloped edges are all hand stitched.
DSCF4890 Voluptuous lady with cup cake and felt flowers
Hearts were a popular choice and these are so pretty. Floral fabrics and wonderful embroidery, they are all lovely.
DSCF4892 Three heart pincushions
Funky Chicken was the name of the pincushion design that I finally decided on.  This was going to someone who loved country colours so I thought it should suit her quite well.  The chicken has felt for the beak, comb and tail feathers.
DSCF4897 Funky Chicken
We finished our evening with a gift from the basket and our wonderful supper.  The food was divine, sandwiches, tiny muffins, and cakes galore, plus chocolate too of course.  Thanks girls, for a wonderful evening.
DSCF4898 What a wonderful supper


Ozjane said...

Looks good......I love collecting pin cushions and ideas. What a nice group of friends.

Jodie said...

Jenyy, the pincushions are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, and especially all the detail. What a fab idea. And I did love the chook you made!

FlourishingPalms said...

What a nice occasion for you - all of you! I'm missing that sort of thing in my own Advent season. A pin cushion swap is such a great idea! I'll be keeping that one in mind in case I have the occasion to be in a group swap. Love seeing the variety that is possible. Thank you for sharing.

kcrockshi said...

Thanks for showing all the great pincushions. I have been looking for a pattern for one and didn't realise there was so much choice.