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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Move over, Santa

It’s always an event, going in to check out the Kirkcaldie & Stains Christmas Shop.  I love anything Christmas, and this iconic Wellington store does Christmas very well.  I boarded the big orange Airport Flyer bus, joining all the other grey haired pensioners.  With our Gold Cards, bus travel is free.  The entrance to the Christmas Shop looked very inviting with all the twinkling lights.
DSCF4851      Kirk’s Christmas Shop
Just by the doorway was a huge life-sized Santa.    This handsome fellow was available to take home for a mere $2995.  He was beautifully clothed and I noticed he had very smart golden pleated sleeve ruffles, and had all sorts of items hanging off him. 
DSCF4852 Want to take me home?
I spotted this wonderful set of hand painted three wise men on camels.  Priced at $1795 each, they were a little out of my price range too.
DSCF4854 Three wise men on camels
Displays of ornaments were tastefully arranged.  Want gold?  Over here.  Silver perhaps?  And don’t forget the traditional green and red.  There was something to suit all tastes, including a range of New Zealand inspired Christmas ornaments.
The shop was full of beautifully decorated Christmas Trees, each was decorated in different colour themes.   The whole shop looked very festive, and wherever I looked, there was something new and exciting to see.  
DSCF4858 A whole shop full of decorated trees
I had to back track around the shop to find the little Santa that I just had to buy and take home with me.  There were so many twists and turns in the shop that I couldn’t quite remember which display they were in.  On my way out I came across a real live Santa sitting in his sled.  He looked a bit lonely there, all by himself.  “Move over Santa”, I told him, as I climbed up beside him, handing my camera to an obliging staff member.  Goodness knows what Santa thought of this middle aged woman who insisted on having her photo taken with him.  Between you and me, he looked deceptively young under those white whiskers!  Perhaps he was a Santa in training?
DSCF4862 Hi there, Santa
I really look forward to visiting Kirk’s Christmas Shop each year.  There is just something special about Christmas, isn’t there?


Anonymous said...


I am curious .... what are the New Zealand influenced decorations? I have a Tiki (?) from New Zealand on on of my trees ... originally a keyring .... and a small carved building which is the perfect prop for a tiny sleigh and reindeer.

Judy B

Maria said...

Thank you Jenny for taking me with you to visit the gorgeous Christmas Store.
Who's the cute girl sitting with Santa??

Leeann said...

You should have worn red, you would have looked like Mrs Claus!

mere said...

Hi Jenny, I am a Christmas "nut" myself, thank you for the photos of Kirk's Christmas shop, as I cant get there myself.

Jenny said...

Hi Judy B. The NZ inspired decorations were much as you would expect, kiwis, sheep, koro designs, All Blacks and the like.