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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh dear!

It’s that busy time of year when the boxes full of Christmas decorations get pulled out of the spare wardrobe.  Not everything can fit in the two large boxes that I have, and my Christmas Wreath was wrapped in a bag and placed on top.  Most things are hung in their own special place each year.  A large beaten copper picture comes down in the hallway, replaced by the Christmas Wreath.   Things didn’t look right when the wreath was pulled out of the bag to be hung on the wall.  Of dear, what’s happened here?  This doesn’t look right.  The polystyrene wreath had two breaks right through.
DSCF4902 Not quite round any more
It turns out Robin leant on the bag while fossicking around in the wardrobe for something or other a while ago, and it must have snapped through then.  “I thought I told you”, was his excuse.  Maybe he did, but I don’t remember.  So I guess it’s off to Spotlight to buy a new wreath  sometime soon.  To be honest, I made that wreath years ago.  Do these polystyrene items get brittle with age, I wonder?   

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