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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a little brag!

Surely I’m allowed just a little brag!  My two little Christmas Tree quilts have been featured on the wonderful Selvage Blog, written by Karen Griska.  Do go and visit her blog, she writes about all sorts of interesting things, including plenty of selvage projects too, of course.  This is the Christmas Tree quilt I’m keeping for myself, finished off with a border of ivy vines and leaves on a red background. 
DSCF4885 My Christmas Tree quilt
The second quilt was made for my pen-friend Carol and is currently winging it’s way via airmail to South Dakota.  Carol was the one who let me know about using these colourful little strips in projects.  She sent me a little sample block she had stitched, and gave me Karen’s blog address, and I have been hooked ever since.  (If Carol is reading this her quilt won’t be a surprise when it arrives, will it?)
DSCF4444 Carol’s quilt now in transit
Interesting enough, the word itself is can be spelt two ways.  According to both the Collins and Oxford dictionaries on our bookshelf, it can be either selvage or selvedge.  Karen uses the first spelling in the name of her blog, while I would use the second spelling, but both are correct.  Just goes to show that quilters throughout the world are all the same, but just a little different too!


Fran C said...

lovely Christmas trees, I have a bag full of selvedges saved over the years nice idea to use them up.

Maria said...

Beautiful photo of you Jenny with your gorgeous Christmas Tree is. I must made one.

Jenny said...

The Christmas Trees were very quick and easy to do. For more inspiration check out the Q and U blog, she has made a wonderful selvedge sampler quilt, it is amazing!

Ozjane said...

It looks lovely and you have given me a wonderful idea. In cutting the sashing for the Christmas Dresden in my blog I cut the first lot 2" then came to the horizontal and cut them 2.5" so I have a pile of 1/2" strips......they would sort of lend themselves too a tree..if I do not wilt with the fiddling.......LOL.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Jenny you are well and truly entitled to a little brag - good on you, it's so nice when we get the thumbs up from others.

kcrockshi said...

It is lovely and such a good idea.

Frances Leate said...

A lovely little quilt Jenny - a well deserved brag! Happy stitching!