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Friday, December 17, 2010

Come and see my Christmas Treasures

The quilts are up, then it’s time to dig deep in the boxes and bring the little treasures out.  My quilting pen friend Carol from South Dakota has sent me lots of lovely items over the years, and they are all very precious.  Over several years she sent me this collection of Christmas mice sitting on top of sewing items, and the cute little pincushion elf too.  I like to arrange them on a hand made lace mat made for me by a pen friend who has since passed away.
DSCF2293 Merry Christmas mice and elf
My Santa is sitting at his sewing machine patching his special red Christmas outfit, and is labelled  “A Stitch in Time”.   This also was a gift from Carol, aren’t I a lucky girl!
DSCF2289“A Stitch in Time”
How many of us have made a stuffed pinecone like this?  I made mine so many years ago that I can’t quite remember when!  I can remember cutting those little circles of Christmas fabric, putting wadding in the middle, stitching them up, then gluing each one in place.  It is probably vintage by now! 
DSCF4951 My stuffed pinecone
The three gold Christmas trees look down on my two little hand made golden Christmas Angels, made in a class ages ago.  Roly Poly angles, I think they are called, simple little things with ribbon bows for wings and a wooden ball for a head. 
DSCF4912 Roly Poly Angels
I found this Christmas decoration a couple of years ago and liked it so much I bought two, one for my daughter and one for me.  The Santa sack full of goodies opens up to show what is inside.
DSCF4914 Santa with a sack full of goodies
I love my Rudolf stocking, and this is the first project I have made using fabric dye.  Done in a class, we first traced the design, then dabbed the dye onto the fabric.  I stitched around his body, then finished off the stocking.  Poor old Rudolf, Robin doesn’t think much of him.  “That’s the funniest looking reindeer I’ve ever seen”, he declared when I got him out of the box.
DSCF4939 Rudolf Stocking
This is a peep at some of my Christmas treasures.  Each and every one has a connection to someone, or a story of when and where they were made or purchased, so they are all special in their own way.


Maria said...

Enjoyed reading your post Jenny.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas decorations.
You are lucky to have such a thoughtful friend.

Julie said...

Love looking at your Christmas treastures Jenny, such lovely memories too!