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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Barbara’s Button Collection

I knew Barbara loves buttons, but didn’t realise she had such a wonderful collection.  Her buttons are artistically displayed on the dresser in interesting shaped glass containers, all nicely arranged in their colour groups.   Green ones, red and pink, black and blue, there must have been thousands of them.  Button lovers would be green with envy with this collection.

DSCF4964 Barbara’s button collection

I loved the little glass car filled with large coloured buttons.  What a wonderful idea.

DSCF4966 Cute little button filled car

Barbara has also used buttons very effectively on her hand knitted cushion covers.  Don’t they look great!

DSCF4967 Button decorated cushions

Her interest doesn’t stop at buttons, Barbara has a wonderful collection of fancy handbags too.  (I could have easily taken home a couple of the navy beaded bags while she wasn’t looking).  Green is her favourite colour and she showed off this amazing bag.  Yes, that is a heel you can see on the edge.  So……..is it a hand-bag or a shoe-bag, I wonder?

DSCF4961 How about this for a bag?

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