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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cats have a great life!

Muffy came away for a caravan trip to Otaki this weekend and as usual she didn’t do too much at all.  Mind you, the weather was not too good for part of the weekend, with quite heavy rain bucketing down.  We went to the local butcher’s shop to buy some of his wonderful sausages and came back to find Muffy as snug as a bug.  She has crawled under the quilt at the head of our bed and was nice and cosy having a snooze on the pillows when we came back with our shopping.
DSCF4918 Quite comfy in the caravan
Once we arrived back home she had a cursory sniff around and decided that she really needed to catch up on some beauty sleep after her weekend away.  Here she is, dead to the world, fast asleep on our bed.  Cats have a great life, don’t they!
DSCF4938 Fast asleep at home


Maria said...

She sure makes herself at home where ever you are. They do have a good life but maybe a little boring.

Jenny said...

Oh no, they are much too relaxed to be bored!

kcrockshi said...

It is great you can take her with you. We take the 3 dogs away with us but haven't attempted to take the 3 cats as well.