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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

Last night I attended a Mid Winter Pot Luck Dinner with a lovely bunch of people, members of my Cancer Support Group. Some of you may know that I was diagnosed with bowel cancer about three years ago and after treatment I started attending the local support group. The facilitators, the ladies who attend the meetings, and one lone fellow, make this a wonderful support group. Belonging to this sort of group makes you realise that you are not alone when you face this dastardly health hurdle, all these other people have faced it too. The meetings are in no way all doom and gloom. We have speakers on all sorts of subjects, and lots of laughs together. This wonderful spread what was on offer last night. Everything from home made tomatoe soup, curried eggs, fish tarts, chicken salad, fried rice, and lots more.


Some of the desserts had yet to make an appearance, pavlova, ambrosia, and a wonderful berry cheesecake. One of the ladies brought along this lovely stem of orchids to grace our table. We ate, and chattered, and had a lovely night, full of cheer and warm fuzzies.

DSCF3872 A stem of orchids for our table

This reminded me of the warm fuzzies I got from the healing heart blocks I received from the members of Southern Cross Quilters, one of the Internet quilting groups I belong too. While I was undergoing my two weeks chemo in hospital, Robin would call in daily with lots of exciting mail for me. It was such a boost to receive my blue healing heart blocks that so many strangers had taken the time to stitch for me. The cards and messages of encouragement were truly appreciated during those dark days.

DSCF3878 A few of my healing heart blocks

I have decided that when I get my two major projects completed, the black and white quilt for my daughter and the burgundy and cream quilt for my niece, this will be my next big project. (Just get on with it, I hear a little voice telling me, you are running out of time). There are lots of lovely blue hearts in all sorts of sizes and shades of blue waiting to be stitched together. And what do you think of this Bali fabric I have chosen to tie them all together?

DSCF3880 Bali fabric for the slashing

Since I’m busily counting down to retirement (end of October) I think I should have cleared the backlog by then and this quilt will make a lovely first retirement project. That’s the plan, anyway!.

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Lis Harwood said...

Good plan! I didn't know about the bowel cancer but am so glad the treatment was successful and you have such good support. Looking forward to seeing those finished quilts Jenny!