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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A different type of Stitching

There have been more things needing to be repaired on my trusty Bernina. This time, for a change from clothing repairs, it was our vertical blinds that needed attention. The stitching along the bottom hems, which hold the little weights, appeared to have perished in the sun. Previously I have got down on my hands and knees, with a heavy needle in my hand and done repairs by hand. But it is so difficult to push a needle through that fabric. Why not try to fix the hems on the sewing machine, I thought?

DSCF3891 All ready to go

Robin had the job on unhooking the few blinds that needed attention. With a jeans needle in the machine, I got to work. No trouble at all, I am pleased to say, as I put in a double row of stitching across the bottom of the blinds. Those few blinds were soon as good as new, but closer inspection showed that there were a lot more that needed attention.

P7170911 Stitching the blinds

Robin and I worked well as a team. He unhooked the blinds, while I whizzed them through the machine. Then I gave them a bit of a wipe down to get rid of any dirty spots. In the meantime, Robin cleaned the inside windows, then re-hung each blind. Whew……. I was glad when that job was finally done.

What’s next? Oh yes, I’ll get on with those little Christmas wall hangings that I’ve been trying to finish for a while. Not for Christmas, actually, I’m making them for birthday presents. So no photos of these yet, as they need to be kept secret for a while longer.


FlourishingPalms said...

Proof again that Berninas are great sewing machines. Good work on your part!

Lis Harwood said...

Lovely to see a pic of you in your sewing place. Well done on the blinds!