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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea for Two

It was Devonshire Tea for Two (but make mine coffee please) when I met my friend Kathryn at Stonestead in Te Marua, Upper Hutt, on Saturday morning. What sort of scone shall we choose, cheese, sultana or date? That choice made, we climbed the stairs and Kevin carried the laden trays up for us. Here we are with just a few crumbs left.

DSCF3909 Jenny and Kathryn enjoying morning tea

We could look down at the many quilts decorating the walls. Kevin also sells old china and there were cabinets full of delicate cups, saucers and plates, and ornaments of all kinds. Just the sort of items that your Granny would have in her china cabinet in earlier years.

DSCF3911 Cabinets full of china

The Stonestead Tea House is not the only attraction on this property – Sawmillers Quiltery was just down the path. Situated in an old style cottage which was moved on to the property, this small building looks very inviting with quilts displayed on the veranda.


Inside it is chock-a-block with fabric, notions and patterns. We took our time browsing at the class samples, and the lovely fabrics. What a delightful way to spend a wintery Saturday morning.


Maria said...

How lovely to meet up with your friend and the most perfect setting for a cuppa.

Lis Harwood said...

It looks as if you had a lovely time - there's so much to enjoy in your area isn't there?

FlourishingPalms said...

The companionship, the weather and the shops look delightful. What a nice way to spend a day.

Leeann said...

A friend & I had tea & scones here when I went to Wellington Symposium, it was great. Kevin made our scones as we looked at the quilt shop so they were fresh from the oven. He was so lovely, we had the best time. Also the lady in the quilt shop was great too, very friendly & we both spent more than we thought we would as she had some really different fabrics. I liked the empty bolt she had framed (the first one she sold). Would recommend both places.