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Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilt Club Meeting

The weather may have been typically mid winterish and wet but it was cosy enough inside our hall for the monthly meeting last night. Guest speaker was our very own Trish who kept us entertained with the story of her quilting journey This was liberally illustrated with many large bags of quilts which were taken out one by one as she related her quilting history. One of her earliest quilts made made with the help of her MIL who as a tailoress had quite strong views on how the appliqué on this first quilt should be stitched. Some of the quilts were still “works on progress” and Trish admitted that the quilt currently gracing her bed was not quite completed. She has worked in many styles, there was a quilt incorporating doilies, one made of beautifully rich coloured velvets, and a quilt made from a woollen blanket. Trish showed us her beautiful (and very long) “stained glass” peacock wall hanging - I remember seeing this particular quilt being worked on many years ago at a weekend retreat.

DSCF3904Peacock wall hanging

As usual, there was lots of “show and tell” from other club members too. I was on duty to help hold the quilts up for everyone to see and then hang them over the clothes lines. Adele, one of our newer members, brought along a couple of striking parrot quilts which she had made for family members from panels.

DSCF3907 Adele with one of her parrot quilts

The variety of quilts shown at our meetings never ceases to amaze me. This is one of two quite different house quilts which were brought along. We certainly have some very talented and prolific quilters in our club.


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